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The project web site is finally up and running.


Initial version (1.0) released.


Regex-Demon is short for "Regular Expression Demonstrator". This program was developed to help those who are in the process of learning Perl's regular expressions, as well as programmers who would like to test their regular expressions before writing them into their code. I have also found it useful in debugging patterns I have written that don't behave as I intended.

Its use is pretty straightforward. Type in your pattern (in the top text-entry box), and then add the text you want to test it against in the lower box. NOTE: Perl encloses patterns in forward slashes, the regex-demon DOES NOT.


Both patterns will match 3 digits at the beginning of a line, surrounded by optional parenthesis; like the first part of a phone number.

Currently, regex-demon handles only Perl's regular expression syntax. However, I have found that JavaScript uses a very similar syntax. A future release may include syntaxes for other languages.


No feature details available at this time.


The regex-demon requires the Tk module. If you're using ActiveState Perl on Win32, it may have already been installed. If you are on a Linux system, I recommend trying to get it via your system's package manager.


No FAQ available at this time.

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